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Pakistan: 19,000 children work as sex workers in Lahore [News]

Out of total 55,000 sex workers in Lahore, 19,000 are children, according to a UNICEF report released here Friday.

A report named 'Commercial sexual exploitation of children in Lahore' stated that Lahore has at least 35 areas where one member of every family is associated with the skin trade.

Tabbi and Shahi Mohala were traditionally linked with this business but now the chain has spread to other localities such as Karim Bagh, Badami Bagh, Bandar Road, Sandha and Sabzazar.

For seeking well-off customers, a majority of them have shifted to modern localities like China Town, Defence, Garden Town and Model Town.

The report says 58 percent of these children hail from poor families, 37 percent come from the middle class and five percent from the upper class.

Twenty two percent children said they were forced by their parents to adopt this profession while 21 percent say they adopted the flesh trade willingly. Eight percent children were forced by other factors such as working in films etc.

A Majority of sex workers are unhappy with their working conditions and income. About 53 percent want to quit the trade.

Sixty percent of sex workers are drug addicts. About 54 percent don't have any knowledge about HIV and AIDS and they don't take any precautionary measures.[Source:]

Posted on 2006-03-01

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