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CHILD DOMESTIC WORKERS: Good Practice in Programme Interventions [publication]

Anti-Slavery International recently published a practical guide to what works and why when it comes to assisting child domestic workers, establishing ‘good practice’ principles to guide different types of action on behalf of these children. The handbook embodies the experience of numerous child domestic workers and local practitioners from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as from international organisations and networks working on this issue.

The emphasis of the handbook is on simplicity and practicality. It will be particularly useful for small and medium-sized NGOs seeking ways to improve or develop programmes of assistance to child domestic workers.

The handbook is also available in French and Spanish.

For more information, contact:
Anti-Slavery International
Thomas Clarkson House, The Stableyard
Broomgrove Road, London SW9 9TL, UK
Tel: +44 207 501 8920; Fax: +44 207 738 4110

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[Source: CRIN]

Posted on 2006-06-07

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